All in One - THE ONE Primrose

120 Sek.
90 Sek.



All in One - THE ONE Primrose

The All in One- UV Polishes of the third generation are thin viscous and applicable in many ways. The All in One- UV Polishes can be used on the natural nails as well as on finished nail structures such as gel, acrylics, acrylic gel or UV- polishes.

1.Prepare the natural nails
Push back the cuticle and remove it thoroughly, shorten natural nails and file them into shape, buffer the nail plate and free nail end (do not roughen them with a file!) and make sure that no fringes remain on the free nail end. Finally, dust your nails properly and degrease them with a dehydrator (not necessary for dry natural nails).

2. Apply a colour and cure
Apply a layer of All in One “THE ONE” in the desired color to the nail and coat the free edges, then cure 90 s under LED/120 s under UV. If necessary, repeat with a second coat of All in One “THE ONE” for different types of natural nails. Cure 90 s under LED/120 s under UV.

Apply nail oil.

Removal of the product:
Carefully roughen nails with a file until the surface no longer shines. Soak a cotton wool pad with Soak Off Remover, place it on the roughened nail and wrap the fingers tightly with an aluminum foil. Let it work for 20 minutes and then gently scrape off the detached All in One “THE ONE” with a cuticle pusher or gently remove it with a fine file (180 grit or 240 grit). When reapplying the All in One „THE ONE“, perform steps 1-3.