Longlife UV Polish Pistachio

120 Sek.
90 Sek.



Longlife UV Polish Pistachio

The Longlife UV-Polish Colours are thin viscous, removable and covering UV/LED nail polishes. Easy to apply in thin layers to reduce excess volume. They are easy to apply like a nail polish and are significantly long lasting in contrast to conventional nail polishes.

1. Applying and curing the base
Apply the Longlife UV-Polish Base/Top or the Longlife Rubber Base on the prepared and filed nail. It is important to wrap the free nail tips. Then cure under UV or LED light.

2. Applying and curing a coloured UV polish
Now apply the desired coloured Longlife UV polish on the entire surface and cure it under UV or LED light. Repeat this step to intensify the colour.

3. Applying and curing a top coat
For a long-lasting shine, apply the Longlife UV-Lack Base/Top or another top coat in a bottle on the entire surface of the nail and the free edges. After curing, remove the inhibition layer, if any.

A Soak Off Remover should be used for the removal. Rough the nail with a buffer. Apply the Soak Off Remover to a Nail Foil Wrap and wrap around the nail for 10 minutes. Then gently remove the UV polish from the nail with a cuticle pusher. Of course, it is also possible to remove the Longlife UV-Polish with a 100/180 Grit file.