X-Cover One

120 Sek.
90 Sek.



X-Cover One

Methacrylic acid-free, thick viscous, stable and highly pigmented modeling gel. It is suitable for the techniques with tip and nail form, for optical nail bed extension, as well as for covering unevenness. Ideal also for the baby boomer. An adhesive gel should be applied before modeling.

- Colour: light nude
- Methacrylic acid free
- Thick viscous
- Firm
- Not self- leveling
- High pigmented
- Applicable for the techniques with tips or nail forms
- Pinchable
- Stable after curing
- Production according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
- Production according to European Cosmetic Regulation No. 1223/2009

Prepare and remove the dust off the natural nails. If necessary, glue tips and file or put a nail form. Apply a thin layer of base gel and cure. Then pick up an appropriate amount of the X- Cover Gel with the gel brush and model on the tip or nail form.